What is Mini Grocery PH?

Mini Grocery PH is an on-demand Convenient Store which provides you with your selected goods without the need of leaving your household.


What are your Operating Hours? 

We deliver from 10am to 11pm on your expected delivery date.


What areas do you cater?

We currently cater Metro Manila.


When will I receive my order?

We offer express delivery for orders before 4pm, if you have ordered onwards, you will receive your order will be delivered the next working day.


What is Express Delivery?

We deliver your order within 30-90 mins upon confirmation of the order. In case of delay due to unforeseen circumstances we will update you of the delivery time.


Do we provide Senior Citizen Discount?

As of the moment, we do not have the facility to ascertain the validity of claims for Senior Citizen discounts. Moreover, the government body overseeing online or e-commerce businesses has not drafted a policy on issuing discount to senior citizen transacting online. We will abide with whatever regulations the government may have in the future regarding this matter.


What are the payment methods?

We currently accept Cash on Delivery(COD), Bank Transfer (BDO,BPI) and Credit Card Payments